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How to apply

The thematic GEG course

If you are a student at SCIENCE and want to follow the thematic GEG course you must enrol following the usual procedures for SCIENCE courses. If you are in doubt about these procedures, please contact the Student Services at SCIENCE.

If you are a student at any other faculty or university and want to follow the thematic GEG courses, you must enrol by following the procedures for guest and credit students at SCIENCE. For more information about the formal procedures at SCIENCE, you may also contact the Student Services at SCIENCE. For credit transfers to your original study program, please ask your own department. You are also welcome to contact us.

The thematic GEG course generates 7.5 ECTS or 10 ECTS. For more information about the GEG course, please see this site.

The elective courses

In order to obtain a GEG diploma, you must obtain 30 ECTS GEG relevant credits including the thematic GEG course, and a number of elective courses.

There are a number of GEG pre-approved courses. Students are also invited to apply for (pre)approval of other relevant courses and/or for time spent as a trainee, for instance, working as an intern for an international organisation. A GEG approval of an internship requires that it has already been approved by a study board.

For enrolment in an elective course, whether pre-approved or not, you need to follow the procedures of the department who offers the course.

If you are interested in obtaining preliminary approval of elective courses or internships that are not already pre-approved as GEG relevant, please contact us.

The GEG diploma

When you have passed the required courses, you must fill in the application form, which you find below, and submit it together with the required documentation stated in the Application form.

If you want to know more

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the programme.