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The thematic GEG course

The thematic GEG course is inter-disciplinary and project oriented, being organized around different and varying environmental themes such as the climate changes, reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+), or water resources. The course provides law, political science, natural science, and life science perspectives on global environmental governance issues.

The objective of the course is for the students to gain inter-disciplinary competences, which will assist them in dealing with global environmental governance in an international and/or national context. The course will introduce the students to social, political, legal and natural science aspects of global environmental governance.

The course is open to all graduate students and is compulsory for students aiming to obtain a GEG diploma.

The course generates 7.5 ECTS or 10 ECTS.

Find the complete course descriptions here:

Global Environmental Governance (7.5 ECTS)
The course number is LNAK10072U.

Global Environmental Governance (extended version) (10 ECTS)
The course number is LNAK10087U.

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