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Elective courses

List of pre-approved GEG courses

For more information about the role of pre-approved courses in GEG: Read here 

All the courses can be found at kurser.ku.dk

GEG courses at Faculty of Science

  • LOJK10282U Applied Economics of Forest and Nature
  • NGEK10016U Climate Changes: Causes, Effects, Limitations and Adaptation
  • LNAK10069U Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation
  • NIFB14004U Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • LNAK10010U Environmental Impact Assessment
  • LNAK10043U Environmental Mangement in Europe
  • NIGK17008U Environment, society and development
  • NIFK14029U Motivation and Pro-environmental behaviour - managing change
  • NIFK15004U Political Ecology

GEG courses at Faculty of Law

  • JJUA04592U International Environmental Law
  • JJUA14229U EU-Environmental Law EU Environmental Law 2015/2016
  • JJUA54024U International Energy Law and Sustainability 2015/2016

GEG courses at Department of Political Science

Since courses often change at Political Science, there are no pre-approved courses.

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